COVID-19 UPDATE  —  MAY 22nd, 2020

The film industry is beginning to formulate procedures and practices which will allow production to resume on a limited basis on some productions in several areas.  While nothing is carved in stone as yet, things are moving forward.   We anticipate the film industry to spool back up quite quickly, and will have extra resources on hand to help deal with the expected volume.   In the interim, if you have a project you want to get a head start on – feel free to give us a call or email via any of the means on our Contact Us page.

International Movie Services (IMS Ltd.) continues to be the ‘go-to’ resource for both ‘Hollywood North’ and productions worldwide since 1981. Our permanent and consulting staff come from a wide variety of military, historical, law enforcement and motion picture backgrounds and collectively have a few hundred years’ worth of experience to help your production be all that it can be.

We’re also used to dealing with the budgetary realities of small and mid-scale productions and will ensure you get maximum value for your production dollar.  We’ve done everything from High School productions right through multi-million dollar epics shooting in far-flung locations like South Africa and Morocco.  No job too small or too large.   Don’t see what you’re looking for on our website?  Give us a call or an email.  We have 14 acres of uniforms, vehicles, props and set-dec and our website can only shine a spotlight on a tiny fraction of that.   If we don’t have it – we can likely get it through our well developed network of international suppliers.